Makeup stains on your leather seats? Not sure how to get them out? Don’t worry you’ve clicked on the right page! And of course… Firstly, we’d always advice you to avoid staining your precious leather seats with potentially destructive chemicals. Such as manufactured cosmetic makeup! No seriously… Prevention is better than cure.. However, accidents CAN happen. And sometimes makeup CAN find its way onto your luxurious leathers. After that, removing makeup from your leather seats needs a delicate approach to prevent any permanent damage or discoloration. So, in this DIY article… We will provide you with a step-by-step… But brief guide, on, ‘How to Get Makeup off Leather Seats’.

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Important Materials You May Need

Unfortunately, if you’re serious about a DIY job… You’ll need to be prepared with the right tools. Likewise, you’ll need some effort to go with it. But it’s ok… We got the method to assist you at every step. But firstly, take a look at the list below. And add to your inventory whatever you may not already have:

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• Gentle leather cleaner.
Ammonia-based cleaner.
• Soft microfiber cloth.
• Distilled water.
• Leather conditioner (optional).

Step 1: Is it Oil or Water Based Makeup?

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So, here at CPV Hand Car Wash Watford, we’ve gathered a compilation of DIY hacks for you to successfully know how to get makeup off your leather seats. So, finish your coffee… And roll up your sleeves. This could get messy.

Initially, you must determine whether your makeup is oil based or water based!

But, ‘Why’ You May Ask?!

Makeup is makeup right?! Well yes… But Nooo!!!

Oil based makeups tend to be much more difficult to remove compared to any water based makeup stains. Why?! Well, because oil molecules are not broken down with just any cleaning product. Rather, you may need something more serious! Like an ammonia-based cleaner. So, ultimately… The type of makeup stain – oil-based or water-based – you’re dealing with, will dictate what products… And what approach you will need to get makeup off your leather seats.

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Hack #1: Why an Ammonia-based cleaner?

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So, if you’ve checked the ingredients of your makeup… And you’ve unfortunately found that it’s oil-based… Then we suggest using an ammonia-based cleaner. But, why? Well, using an ammonia-based cleaner is an excellent way to approach your oil based makeup stains. Since ammonia is able to break-down oil molecules.

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Step 2: Act Quickly to get Makeup off Leather Seats

So, if you didn’t already know… Time is of the essence. Especially, if your makeup has rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) inside it. Or acetone! See preventive measures (below) for more on these.

So, a vital part of successfully removing makeup from leather seats is to act as soon as possible. The longer the makeup sits on the surface… The more difficult it can be to remove. So, try not to delay the cleaning process since so many cosmetics are in fact oil-based. And in them there are substances that oxidize when they are left out in open air! Additionally, the seeping of cosmetics is actually expected. So the longer these makeup smears and stains are left alone… The more complicated to clean your leather seats may become with time.

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Step 3: Blot out the Makeup Spot

So, by now you should know whether your makeup spot/stain is water or oil-based… And you have the correct cleaner at hand… That means, you’re ready to get busy cleaning! Right?!

So, gently – using a clean, soft microfiber cloth – blot (or cover) the makeup stain on your leather seat… In order to remove the bulk of the stain/spot. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing vigorously. As this can push the makeup deeper into the fibers of your leather seats. Thus, amplifying and worsening your issue. Which can ultimately cause a permanent aesthetics problem. That may not impress you.

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Hack #2: For Extra Caution Before Cleaning

Test in an inconspicuous area before applying any cleaning solution to your leather seats. Like under the seat. Or on the side. It may be essential to test it first. Why? Well obviously, so you’ll make sure the cleaner does not cause any discoloration or damage to the leather.

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Step 4: Guess what??? Now it’s time to pullout your cleaner!!!

So, grab some distilled water and a clean microfiber cloth… Along with your regular cleaner… If you have determined that your makeup is water-based. But if it’s oil-based then apply your ammonia based cleaner. As we’ve previously mentioned.

So, once the bulk of the makeup has been removed… Do the following:

  • Firstly, dampen a clean cloth with your selected cleaner (whether it’s the regular or the ammonia-based cleaner).
  • Secondly, softly dab the affected area in a delicate motion. Working from the outside inwards. This helps prevent spreading the stain further. Do this until the stain is gone. But, don’t over do this. Even if the stain doesn’t completely go away.
  • Lastly, gently blot the cleaned area with some distilled water to remove any residual cleaner. This step helps prevent any potential damage caused by chemical residues.

Note: We mentioned to not over do the application of your cleaner to the stained area. So, obviously this is a safety measure. So that you do not damage your leather seats. However, you wonder, ‘what if the stain doesn’t go away?’. Great question. So, the reality is that your selected cleaner may not be strong enough. Or you may have selected the wrong cleaner entirely. Or the stain may now be too far gone! For a DIY job anyway. So in this case we advise you to seek professional assistance. In order to restore your beautiful leather seats.

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Step 5: Dry and Condition After getting rid of the Stain on your Leather Seats

So, after cleaning the makeup stain… Allow the leather seat to air dry naturally. But, avoid using heat sources. As well as, leaving your leather seats exposed to direct sunlight. As that can cause the leather to crack or fade. But, once dry, apply a leather conditioner to restore moisture and keep the leather supple. But, this however is optional.

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Preventive Measures:

So, to minimize the risk of makeup stains on your leather seats in the future, consider taking these preventive measures:

  1. Don’t wear makeup. Lol!
  2. Place a towel or cloth over your seat before applying makeup.
  3. Keep makeup products securely closed and stored safely.
  4. Regularly clean and condition your leather seats to maintain their quality. By doing this your leather seats will remain more resistant to stains. Whereas, leather that has not been maintained will be much more difficult to work with.
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As we have established… Accidents do happen. And harmful types of makeup can get on to your expensive leather seats! So, hopefully this article has explained to you exactly… How to get makeup off leather seats!

But sometimes we don’t have the time to do it ourselves. So, in that case you may want to consider having your makeup stains removed professionally… And with that, we invite you to always come to us at CPV Hand Car Wash Watford.

Thanks for Reading!

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