So, whether you’re reading with the expectation of a British summer… Just months away! Or if you’re looking forward to the summer… And also like your car looking pristine… Like everyday… Then here, in this article we go in on an important question. Or choice. You need to make… For the preservation of your cars factory aesthetics… Yes! let’s get in… To answering your question. Are Hand Car Washes Bad For Your Car?

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Quick Answer:

Well as a quick, general answer… Firstly, automated interior washes are probably not available in Watford. Nor Bushey. Nor Rickmansworth, Elstree, Borehamwood. Or their surrounding areas. So, unfortunately… We’re really just talking about exterior car washing.

So, with that mentioned… It really depends on the type of hand car wash you go for? Or are hand car washes even a preference for you? Or does your cars look even really bother you? So, maybe you’ll much rather prefer to wiz in and out of an automatic car wash service.

The choice is yours to make.

So, our job is simply to assist you in getting right. As per what really suits you…

washing vehicle using manual high pressure nozzle for are hand car washes bad for your car blog

Why Hand Car Washes Aren’t Bad For Your Car…

Well, to keep this short here are some bullet points on, ‘Why Hand Car Washes Aren’t Bad For Your Car’:

  • Firstly, hand car wash operatives can reach places inaccessible to automated washes.
  • Therefore, hand car wash operatives can get more dirt. Grease. And grime off your vehicle.
  • Also, hand car wash workers can also clean your cars interior.
  • Additionally, hand car wash operatives can execute car waxing. And also polish your vehicle, giving your car a brand-new-looking finish!
  • Lastly, experienced, professional hand car washes can even customize their detergents… Giving you a bespoke car wash. Or even something closer to car detailing!
white car goes through automatic car wash and brushes are spinning with cpv logo

Automatic Car Wash

Well, as you’re probably aware the more apparent attraction to an automatic car wash is… You guessed it – we hope – THE CONVEINENCE! Right?! You know… Zip in and out. No need for hanging about. Except if there’s some kind of queue. And obviously not everyone knows how, nor cares how to professionally wash their own car… So why not leave it to the machines? Right?! They’re programmed to get the job done! And in a jiffy too!

Well, yes but unfortunately… Along with the apparent pros… There are however some appalling cons…

image of range rover evoque rear car door breaking off in automatic car wash blunder

Machines – unless programmed to do so – do not know when something has gone wrong!

Take this unfortunate occurrence… Range Rover Evoque getting it’s rear door taken off at a circle K automatic car wash! Yikes!

Well we did not find an exact quotation for a replacement rear door for that pretty much brand near Range Rover Evoque… Which ranges from around £40,000 to £60,000 GBP… But let’s just say replacing the door would be more than the price of the car wash itself… Waaay more!!

So what’s your alternative?

Rather, maybe a better question is…

hand spraying detergent on car wheels for are hand car washes bad for your car blog

What is the hand car wash benefit here for your car?

Well, new cars do have more tech. And real people are more likely to be more sensitive to that. Why? Well because they can immediately differentiate a new car from an old one! Right? So, in this case… Where the rear door was accidentally activated to open… Real car wash operatives may already be aware of this functionality on this particular car model. Or, you would have told them. Thus they become aware… And in the case it did still open… Well, the expectation is that they would halt all car washing operations. And make sure the door was securely closed before continuing. Correct?

Thus, hopefully preventing the monstrosity of an automatic car wash witnessed for the poor Range Rover Evoque owner!

Ok, but may be this is a very rare case. And so this doesn’t always happen. Sure! But say that to the owner of the Evoque!

Calm down.

modern electric vehicle inside high pressure touchless car wash on cpv watford blog

Surely, Elon Musk owns some kind of AI automated car wash some where? So, just give him a call to book your next appointment. May be he’ll airlift your vehicle back home for free!

Let’s move on. And talk about more everyday issues you’ll have with an automatic car wash!

modern car with scratches on front right bumper cpv watford

Car Exterior Exfoliation!

Well, exfoliation is a term we may expect when talking about some kind of cosmetic product… Right? You know. The type that removes dead cells off the surface of your skin? Well, although that may be advantageous… Due to the re-generative nature of the human body… The complete opposite is true for cars.

And, unfortunately even if an automatic car wash maintenance team regularly cleans the huge brushes used to clean their customers cars… They’re most likely not going to clean them after every single wash! Well that’s what you’ll need to be safe from your car’s wax… Clear coat… Colour coat… Or primer coat being removed!

But how. Or why!?

premium truck with microscratches from automatic car wash

Well, if you didn’t already figure it out… These brushes get covered with dirt. Which can effectively turn the automated car wash brushes into sand-paper. For that un-wanted exfoliation effect! Well even micro-scratches are not something you’ll be pleased with. Correct?! Especially, if you want to keep your car in good condition.

So, yes! They would need to clean – and clean well – these brushes after every automated car wash. Which they most probably don’t do. And most likely won’t do!

hand car wash service car cleaning top view on hood on  are hand car washes bad for your car article

So, Why Would a hand car wash be Good for your car? In this case…

Well, good, professional… Elite hand car wash operatives know what needs to be done to prepare for each hand car wash. That includes checking the equipment to be used is ready. So any microfibre cloths. Brushes. Or sponges, should be clean.

Yeah! But not all hand car wash workers have that level of care. Right!?

The emphasis here is on the professionals. Not anyone!

Furthermore, even the dumbest hand car wash operative should be able to feel… Or at least notice, that what their doing is damaging your car.

Machines don’t feel. Machines only notice what they are programmed to notice!

Also, the level of damage a machine could do to your vehicle… Far surpasses that of an average-sized hand car wash worker.

I don’t think they’d still be in the job if they took your rear door off!

image of deteriorated metal

Hydrofluoric acid Automated Car Wash!

Well, another unfortunate thing… Is that automated car washes have are known to use hydrofluoric acid in their washes. Due to it being relatively inexpensive. And you don’t want hydrofluoric acid wearing away your car! Furthermore, this substance is highly toxic… So, if you’re inside… Make sure you wind-up your windows. Right up!

Close-up of a car after the washing on are hand car washes bad for your car for cpv watford

Blow Drying @ an Automated Car Wash Near You!

Yeah! You most likely guessed it! Automatic car washes use blow drying. Or maybe even air drying. Both of these methods are more likely to leave water-spotting… In comparison to microfiber cloth drying, a hand car wash should use. Furthermore, water-spotting may even remain on your vehicle for years!

luxury car interior with cpv hand car wash logo

Concluding Our Question

So, if you’re not too worried about your vehicles appearance. And your car is basically a way to get you from A to B. Then go for the automated service. Furthermore, in this case you probably aren’t too bothered about preserving your car’s value. So, automated is for you!

But if – on the other hand – you do care about your car’s appearance. As well as it’s longevity and value… Then hand car washing is what you require. And not just from anyone but from professional hand car wash cleaners. Yes! Those that know what they are doing!

But what about the long waiting times..?

Well, we at CPV Hand Car Wash Morrisons are special in that you can kill two birds with one stone! Yes! We wash… While you shop. That way you still get that top-notch hand car wash. Without getting so bored when waiting.

So, book an appointment today. Or just drive straight down to us!

Thanks for reading!

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