So, are you also tired of seeing those unsightly. Unpleasant dried water spots ruining the sleek look of your beloved car? Then fret not… For we have the ultimate guide to help you restore your ride to its original state! So, say goodbye to those stubborn stains. And then hello to a sparkling clean finish that will make heads turn as you switch lanes! So, simply allow us to take you through this… Step by step. So, here’s, ‘how to get rid of dried water spots on your car’. Also, we understand that all of these undesired dried water spots on your car can be a frustrating sight. But fear not, because we have good news for you.

Here in this blog, we will deliver you the good news which you need so bad. So just stick around and get this problem finally solved. Since there are effective ways to get rid of dried water spots on your car and restore your vehicle’s shine. So anyways, here is the guide we typed for you in a detailed manner about. How to get rid of dried water marks on your car.

Supplies Needed

So, check out the list that we gathered about a few supplies. Which will help you get this tedious job finally done! Yeah, if you want the shine back you will most likely will need to buy a few things. Unless you already have them in your garage, that would be great!

  • Pressure washer. (Pressure washer is ideal but if you don’t own one then at least a hose)
  • Car shampoo.
  • Soft sponge or microfiber wash mitt.
  • White vinegar and spray bottle. Optional, but it may help.
  • Chamois cloth.
  • Car polish. Not to be confused with car wax. Yes, both make your car’s paint look very nice and shiny but make no mistake it is not the same thing. They actually have a slightly different purpose. The reason why is because wax is used to mostly protect the paint. While car polish is great for removing imperfections on the paint… So, perhaps after getting your car nice and polished. Then you might be interested in waxing the car since it will only add protection to your car’s paint. Thus, the car polish job as well.
  • Car polisher. (Not necessary BUT! this tool alone will make the difference between a fully professional finish. And a not so cool hand car polish finish. So, you decide… By the way, car polishers do tend to be a little expensive. So, if you don’t want to spend that much money on this tool. Yet you still want your paint or your car windows to have that new glossy look again. Then, skip everything and read the last part of our conclusion.)
  • Microfiber cloths.
  • Patience.

How To Get rid of Car Water Spots on Car

So, start by preparing the soapy solution. By mixing a little bit of the white vinegar with the car shampoo you chose earlier. Into your pressure washer’s tank, if you don’t have a pressure washer. Then just put the mix inside a bucket and add water to it. Thus, this solution will help break down the mineral deposits in the water spots. So, now you are basically going to wash your car as you normally would. The reason why washing your car is a crucial step is. Because you don’t want to jump straight into polishing your car.

Whilst your car has many dust particles, dirt, and many other debris which could badly scratch your car’s paint. We obviously want to avoid anything of the sort. Start washing your car to remove any dirt or debris that could scratch the surface while cleaning the water spots. While washing your car this is when you will use your soft sponge and or your microfiber mitt wash. By simply lightly rubbing on the affected areas or wherever you may want to remove the dried water spots.

Get Rid of Water Spots on Car

By now you have probably already finished washing your car. So, this and the following step requires you to act fast. Since you want to get the water off your car as soon as possible. The reason behind that, is because we are trying to get rid of dried water spots on your car. As opposed to creating more. So, now just quickly scan the most affected areas or the area. Which the car wash did not quite remove any dried water spots. And spray some of the white vinegar mixed with water. Also, try rubbing off the spots with a sponge or with your microfiber mittens again. Then, just do a last rinse with your pressure washer. Or using your hose if you don’t have a water pressure and remove any of this solution which you just sprayed on your car. Before you move on to the next step.

Dry Before You End Up with More Dried Water Spots on Your Car

Alright so now you can finally grab the chamois cloth. Or also known as chamois leather and dry your car thoroughly. And by the way we mean THOROUGHLY, don’t worry though will talk all about why that is. So, we would like to remind you that you will want to do this quickly. Like we had mentioned earlier in the previous step. The reason behind that is to avoid any of these new drops from drying. And then forming even more dry spots on your car. Also, another reason why it is important that you dry very thoroughly your car. Is because when you start polishing your car. The car will need to be fully dried. So yeah, basically the next step.

Additionally, to the previous statement. That is because if you don’t get rid of all water drops throughout your car. Well, whenever you will start polishing your car you want it to be as dry as possible. Because any water during this process getting mixed up with the car polish might have a negative impact. Plus, you may just be jeopardizing the overall outcome that you might be expecting. So, once again, after you have successfully and rapidly dried your car 100%. Then you are finally ready for the next step.

Polish it!

The time has come… Do you remember every time you got out of your car. And then you looked back at it but there was no gloss no shine, there was nothing but a whine. Well, weep no longer friend because you have made it all the way here. And it is finally time to pullout the car polish and the car polisher. Oh yeah, that’s right, now that your car is dust and dirt free after you have thoroughly washed it. And it is also completely dried, after you have made sure of that with the chamois cloth or chamois leather however you want to call it. Then grab a sponge and your car polish.

And begin to add car polish to a soft sponge, and then dab the car with it. Therefore, creating an obvious visible spot on your car. So, imagine a roughly 10cm diameter dab every, few 20ish cm throughout the car. Then, repeat this over and over, leaving a bunch of dab car polish marks all over your car. We recommend you start from top to bottom and do it by sections, so you have a better track of what you have done so far.

For example. start by putting all your dab marks on your roof. Then move down your driver’s door. After that go down your rear left passenger door. Then move to the other side. And so, on. But make sure that after you have put sufficient dab car polish marks on each section then finish that section by using your car polisher tool. Use this tool in a strategic manner by polishing in small circular motions and advancing slowly. After you have made your way through the whole roof then target the next area and so on.

What if I Don’t Have a car Polisher?

So, here is how to get rid of the dried water spots on your car if you don’t have a car polisher. Basically, this part will be the same, start by grabbing the sponge that comes with your polish. Maybe your car polish bottle will have a sponge with it. If not, then any soft sponge works. So, now add some car polish to the sponge. After that you want to simply dab the sponge with your car. Therefore, creating an obvious visible spot on your car. Imagine about a 10cm diameter dab. Repeat this every, few 20ish cm throughout the car. Repeat this over and over, leaving a bunch of dabs of car polish marks all over your car. We recommend you start from top to bottom and do it by sections, so you have a better track of what you have done so far.

So, here is where the process becomes a little different if you compare it to the previous method. After you would cover your roof with the polish spots now, you will smear those spots all over the roof. Of course, that is assuming you began with your car’s roof. By doing small circles repeatedly and strategically until you have worked your way through the entire roof. And then moving on to the next section.

Take Note Though

In order for the polish to work you need tons of friction. Between the sponge covered with your car polish and your actual car. What we mean by that is that smearing the polish through making a single circle or a single stroke. Or perhaps even a couple of them, will pretty much do little to nothing. It won’t be enough to bring back the shine to your car’s paint. Nor to get rid of dried water spots on your car. And that is why we mentioned before that if you can get your hands on a car polisher. This will be a complete game changer. Some of these car polishers reach up to about 2200 RPM, your hand doesn’t.

So, if finding out about this has fully unmotivated. Then maybe check out what we have for you on our conclusion. Back to where we left off. So, if you commit to it and decide you are still going to do it by hand anyways. Then, just be ready to spend some time and to get in sort of an arm workout to finish the entire car by hand. Because you will be doing a lot of scrubbing whilst polishing your car.

Are You Still There? Just hang there! The Job is Almost done!

So, once you have finished and your car is looking all polished up. Then begin to remove the car polish with a microfiber towel you gathered earlier. By basically doing something very similar all over again. Meaning use the microfiber towel to remove the car polish by scrubbing your car in a circular motion. I know… It must be tough to be you right now. So, yeah once you have removed the polish by wiping off through doing many circles over and over again. Then move on to the next part of the car until it is all done. Do this until you are done with the whole car, and the job will be finally finished!

Plan A… The Pro-Way

So, if you just realized that the dried water spots are too stubborn to remove with the above steps. Or if the water caused significant spots which you don’t know if you can or even want to handle it. All by yourself. Then it may be time to seek professional help. So, maybe consider leaving this mess to the professionals. Feel more than welcome to drive by as soon as you find yourself in this situation to our car wash. Especially if you live or work anywhere around Watford. Rickmansworth. Bushey. Elstree. Radlett or Borehamwood… And save yourself a headache and ensure your once again neat just like before and is thoroughly and professionally cleaned. So, click here and book your appointment now! So, simply bring your vehicle to our facility, sit back, relax, and let us take care of restoring your car back to its pristine condition.

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