So, are your car cup holders looking a bit too sticky and dirty? Do you also cringe every time you see the bottom of your cup holders with spills accumulated in them? Perhaps even crumbs? Or are you just a cop eating too many donuts and coffee in the early morning? Well, whatever it is fret not my friend, because we have the perfect solution to your problem. So, stick around and we will let you know how to keep dirty car cup holders clean.

And we are also here for you every step along the way to help you restore your cup holders to their former condition! So, in this blog, we will walk you through the steps. In order for you to know how to keep dirty car cup holders clean. So, you can once again sip on your favorite drink while driving. We’re also here to help you out of this devastating cringe you must be suffering from so stick around and read our blog.

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Supplies Needed

So, here are a few supplies we recommend you have ready. In order to clean your cup holders.

  1. Microfiber cloth.
  2. Cleaning solution (mild soap or multipurpose cleaner).
  3. Cotton swabs.
  4. Soft silicone or plastic spatula (rounded edges).
  5. Toothbrush.
  6. Paper towels.
  7. Optional: Cup holder liners.

1. So, How Do You Clean Your Dirty Cup Holders?

So, for the first step you may start by removing any large debris such as food crumbs, wrappers. Or any other items from the cup holders for that matter. By doing this, you will clear the way for the following next steps. You also want to be able to clearly observe your car cup holders without any restrictions. The reason behind is a couple.


You want to assess the severity of how much has been spilled. Accordingly, to what your assessment was now you know how much of the supplies you are going to need. Also, which supplies you will need the most.


Try to find out if your cup holder has been previously ruptured or punctured since they tend to be made out of rubber. So, needless to say, you don’t want to start pouring water and soap down your ruptured car cup holder. And then end up making the matter worse by spilling all that soapy water onto your car’s center console. Or also on your dashboard, depending on where your cup holders are located in your car. And then eventually seeping through your carpets.


There are some car manufacturers that hired some awesome out of the box thinking engineers and they designed cup holders that have a rubber sleave that you may be able to just slide out. If this is your case, I have very good news for you because the job just became MUCH easier for you. You could still follow all of the next steps on our blog. But with much less effort, since you are able to just take the sleave out the car. And then get the job done in a sink or outside by your hose.

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2. Clean Your Dirty Car Cup Holder

So, after you have determined that your cup holder will retain water without any problem. You may start to mix a small amount of mild soap with water or use a multipurpose cleaner of your choice just make sure it won’t stain or damage your dirty car cup holders. Take note! Using warm water is much better and will make it much easier to remove all sorts of buildup in your car’s cup holders.

So, the reason why we warn you, is because we just want to help you clean your dirty car cup holders and do the job as painless as possible by avoiding any harmful ingredients. Also, avoiding any unnecessarily risky steps that may arise along the way of this job. So, speaking of which, if you realized that your car’s cup holders will not be able to retain any water, well scroll down to the conclusion. Because we always got a backup plan for you so don’t worry!

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3. How Do You Clean Car Cup Holders?

After you have poured the mix of water and soap in your cup holders. Now you may start taking a couple of seps to remove all spills and build up that fell into your cup holders.


Add the soapy warm water to your car’s cup holders and leave it for a few minutes. Once you notice that the warm water has softened and loosen all debris then proceed to the next step.


So, try scraping the affected area with some type of soft silicone or plastic spatula. You must make sure the spatula won’t scratch or rupture your cup holders. We advise you to choose a spatula with rounded edges as opposed to using a pointy one. And this is for obvious reasons, we want to help you know how to keep your dirty car cup holders clean. And not make the matter worse for you. Anyways once you’re done scraping then you may be able to pick out any debris lingering around. You may use the spatula itself or you could put on latex gloves.


So, after you have scrapped as much as you were able to. Now use a brush like a toothbrush or something similar to that. And basically, you will do the same as the last step. Start by scrubbing lightly. Whilst removing any debris that are still remaining. Then just like our prior step try to pick out all the debris that you were able to loosen up. This step may take the longest depending on how bad the condition of your cup holders was to begin with.

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So, What is Next?

Okay so you have probably finally scrubbed all of the buildup spills and crumbs. You must be wondering just how you’re supposed to get all this water out of your dirty cup holders. Don’t worry we are walking you through the steps so you can be successful to know how to keep dirty car cup holders clean. Well, this is when you will finally use the paper towel roll you had gathered earlier. So, now you may use your paper towel by just dipping it into your cup holder and let the paper towel soak in as much water as possible. Then throw away the used paper towel and use more sheets until it’s all dry.
So, now you will use more of that warm water from earlier again. Here’s how. So, now try adding more warm water in your cup holders once again. And then you may dampen the microfiber cloth and clean the cup holders over and over. You may repeat this process of adding water and then soaking it and cleaning the cup holders with the microfiber cloth multiple times. The reason behind this is because. Even though you soaked all the water out with the paper rolls before.

Well, the stickiness left by the spills might remain. Which by the way we definitely want to remove any stickiness off your dirty car cup holders. Because through keeping your dirty car cup holders clean will avoid it from attracting and trapping any debris in the future. So yeah, as you can tell it is very crucial to do the best at effectively cleaning your cup holders since this will avoid it from getting dirty again in the future.

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Finish Up

So, once you’re finally done cleaning up your cup holders now you may dry them thoroughly. Just to avoid any mold in the future. Also to avoid any water remaining that may catch dust or any random debris. If there are some awkward corners which are too difficult to reach with your hands. Then try drying that with the cotton swabs we mentioned earlier. The cotton swabs can maybe help you reaching into those difficult areas. So, by following these steps, it should help you with this big inconvenience that you have found yourself in. Congratulations you have finally transformed your grimy cup holders into spotless compartments ready to hold your favorite beverages once again. So, to make your future easier, perhaps consider using removable cup holder liners that can be easily taken out and cleaned separately. Also, maybe try to only drink in the car

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So, we would like to remind you that if tackling this task seems daunting or time-consuming. Which it actually is both. Well, our carwash experts are always here to lend a helping hand! I have good news for all of those that are too busy or just don’t want to busy themselves! No need to stress anymore because if you are starting to realize that the severity of this matter was bigger than what you thought. And now you’re double thinking about getting involved with the job. Well, we don’t blame you. Because it actually is a pretty big and nasty job.
So, maybe consider leaving this mess to the professionals. And feel more than welcome to drive by as soon as you find yourself in that situation to our car wash if you live or work anywhere around Watford. Rickmansworth. Bushey. Elstree. or Borehamwood… Then consider taking a drive to Car Wash Watford. And save yourself a headache and ensure your car cup holders or any affected area is thoroughly and professionally cleaned. So, click here and book your appointment now!So, simply bring your vehicle to our facility, sit back, relax, and let us take care of restoring your cup holders back to pristine condition.

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