Dealing with dog hair in your car can be a frustrating task. Right? But with the right techniques. And tools, you can effectively remove dog hair from your car carpet. So, here are some tips on, How to get dog hair out of your car carpet’.

Let’s go!

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1. Use a Pet Hair Removal Tool

Firstly, investing in a pet hair removal tool… Specifically designed for cars can make the job much easier! So, these tools are usually made of silicone bristles. Thus, hopefully making it easier to get dog hair out of any car carpet. But how!? Well, the flexible silicone bristles will attract and trap hair. Thus, they are quite effective by creating static electricity that attracts and lifts hair from the carpet.

  • So, start by ensuring the tool is clean. And free of any debris.
  • Then, begin by gently running the silicone brush over the carpet in one direction.
    • Whilst, brushing with short strokes to lift the dog hair from the carpet.

So, continue this process… Working section by section… Until all areas of the car carpet are covered. Also, working in a pattern will help you to build piles of hair. Thus, making it easier for you to finally remove all hairs. As opposed to just spreading your dog’s hair everywhere on the carpet.

As, for really stubborn. Or embedded hair, you can apply a bit more pressure while brushing to loosen it. And once you have covered the entire carpet… Simply, gather the piles. Then use your vacuum for easy disposal. As explained in the next method. Got it!?

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2. Vacuum Thoroughly

This step might just save you a lot of time, unlike your dog… C’mon! That made my colleague laugh!

So, anyway… Before using any specialized tools… It’s very helpful to vacuum the car carpet thoroughly no matter which method you choose. So, go and get your vacuum cleaner out. Because this will help a lot by removing some of the hair that is already loose. And, also any dirt and debris.

So, before you begin vacuuming, remove obstructions out of the way. Thus, allowing your vacuum cleaner to effectively get rid of the dog hair on your car carpet.

So, start by selecting the appropriate vacuum attachment for removing pet hair. A vacuum attachment with strong bristles will help loosen. And lift stubborn dog hair from the carpet fibers.

However, without the attachment. Or a stiff brush, the vacuum will most likely not be the most effective method because it will not be able to remove the hair that are deeply embedded into the carpet.

Thus, it will most likely only remove the hair that is already loose. And therefore, leave behind the hair that is embedded into the carpet. Also, it will only be able to reach some areas of the carpet. And thus, leave off areas with remaining dog hair.

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Do I Need a Professional Vacuum Cleaner to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet?

And of course, having a professional pet hair removal vacuum cleaner at hand is ideal. But if not… Then you’ll have to make do with what you’ve got!

So, after you’re done using the vacuum you might want to use one of the following methods. That way, you’ll hopefully achieve a more thorough clean out of the dog hair on your car carpet.

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3. Lint Roller

A lint roller can also be handy. So read below to see how to get dog hair out of your car carpet with a lint roller.

Firstly, start by getting the carpet ready. So, to get this done… You’ll need to remove any unnecessary items. Like your belongings. Food wrappers or dirt. This will make it easier to focus on removing the dog hair.

So firstly, use a stiff-bristled brush to loosen all the stubborn hair. Do this before you actually start using the lint roller. Because the adhesive sheets on the lint roller might not be strong enough to lift the hair. Especially, any hair that has been deeply embedded on your car’s carpet for a long time.

So, brushing the carpet before you use the lint roller should make it much easier to just roll it and change the sheets as you go. Now that you have loosened the dog hair by brushing it off the carpet, you can use the lint roller.

It’s all about the technique!

So, start at one end of the carpet and progressively work your way to the other end. Roll as you go! Roll the lint roller over the carpet. Back-and-forth. Right-to-left.

Make sure you apply even pressure… To ensure that the adhesive sheet picks up as much dog hair as possible. But, keep an eye on the adhesive sheet the whole time. You don’t want to let too much hair attach to the adhesive sheet. Because the more dog hair you allow on your lint roller… The less dog hair you will be able to gather afterwards.

So, work in smaller sections. And work on one section at a time. Whilst frequently checking that adhesive sheet. This will help ensure that you don’t miss any spots and make the process more manageable. And efficient. Otherwise, you might look back and think no progress is being made.

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4. Use Velcro Curlers

How to get dog hair out of car carpet with Velcro curlers… Is actually very similar to how you would do it with the lint roller. But how?! Well, it’s actually similar by way of starting with clearing up your carpet. Wherever you wish to remove any dog hair. So, begin by removing any shoes, dirt, debris, etc. This way you’ll be better able to get rid of your dog’s hair without any interruptions.

Also, you can try vacuuming before you start to use the Velcro curlers. Because removing excess dirt on the carpet will make the task a little bit more manageable for the Velcro curlers. Then, you can even prepare loosening the dog hair with a stiff-bristled brush. This will make it easier for you to pick-up the embedded intertwined dog hair out of your carpet.

Also gather the hair by sections. Build up piles of your dog’s hair on each section. This will make things easier to pick-out the hair with the Velcro rolls by targeting just the piles you have accumulated, instead of targeting the whole carpet with the Velcro rolls. Once you have the carpet ready, roll the Velcro roller in a strategic motion i.e. back-and-forth and left-and-right. Then, you can apply increased pressure ensuring you are gathering as much hair as possible.

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But don’t forget to clean your Velcro curlers!

Also, try to periodically clean the Velcro curler by removing the collected dog hair thereon. This will prevent the curler from becoming clogged and losing its effectiveness. And obviously, too much build up will affect the process. Repeat this process and also building up the piles with your stiff-bristled brush until you have got all the hair out of your car carpet successfully.

Then, once you have used the Velcro curler to remove most of the dog hair… Simply use your vacuum cleaner to clean up any remaining loose hair. And by following these steps… You can efficiently use Velcro curlers to remove dog hair from your car carpet. Thus, leaving it clean and free of dog… Or any pet hair.

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5. How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet Using a Damp Cloth

So, start just like all the other methods. That is by removing anything on the way of the carpet. After you have done so grab your microfiber cloth and lightly dampen it with some water.

Microfiber cloth is the best option since most cloth rags will leave traces of cloth fibers all over your car carpet. The moisture on the damped microfiber cloth helps with lifting the hair off the carpet. Also, make sure the cloth is not soaking wet… But slightly damp to avoid flooding your carpet.

This would not only create mold and bad smell on your car’s carpet but also will make this task even more tedious than what it has to be. After you have lightly dampened your microfiber cloth and you’re ready to remove the dog hair that you have already loosened before with your brush.

So, simply wipe the damp cloth over the carpet in a sweeping motion aiming at gathering your dog hair into clumps. Also lifting the dog’s hair. While you continue to make progress through the carpet. Depending on the amount of dog hair present, you may need to repeat the process multiple times until you have done your best to make these clumps.

Finally, after you have removed most of your dog’s hair. But you’re still left with some remaining hair that you were not able to get into the clump. Then try the next step.

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6.How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet with Rubber Gloves

When wearing rubber gloves and dampening them slightly can turn them into effective pet hair removers. Also, the advantage of using the gloves over the damped cloth is that you can reach into spaces with your fingers and singularly pick-out dog hairs.

That you would normally not be able to reach with the damped cloth. Also, you can simply run your hand over the carpet in circular motions. The rubber material will attract and collect the dog hair. Also, have a bucket filled with water so you may dip your hand with your rubber glove. So, you may remove the hair built up all over the glove.

Finally for the stubborn embedded hair, we would like to remind you that using a stiff brush to loosen it should make it easier.

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7. Baking Soda (extra help to loosen the hair)

Sprinkling baking soda over the carpet before vacuuming can help loosen stubborn dog hair and eliminate any lingering odors. Let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it up.

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CONCLUSION on how to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet

So, to wrap it up and you still need to remove all this dog hair from your car’s carpet. But you lack the time. Or this is something you just don’t want to deal with it. Well, we understand, life happens. And we got your back! So just leave it to the professionals.

And if you live or work anywhere around Watford. Rickmansworth. Bushey. Elstree. or Borehamwood… Then consider taking a drive to Car Wash Watford. And save yourself a headache and ensure your car carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

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