Did you know that MILLIONS of wheels suffer from brake dust EVERY year!? Are your wheels baked out of their minds too? Have you even checked!? Well guess what!… We’ve got the cure. So, look no further because you clicked on the right page. It’s time for you to take action whether you own Aluminum, Alloy, or Steel rims. As usual, baked. Also known as brake dust. Accumulates on alloy wheels over time. Thus, causing them to look dirty and dull. So, in order for you to restore the shine. Also, the cleanliness of your wheels. We have gathered for you these effective steps. So, you may know how to remove brake dust from alloy wheels.

1. Gather Some Supplies

So, if you have now taken the decision that you will take care of this matter with your own hands. Then you will need to gather a few supplies from your wheel care kit or from the store. So, read along to find out what you are going to need to remove brake dust from your rims.

  • This job should become easier to tackle if you own a pressure washer.
  • Gloves.
  • A bucket, for mixing car shampoo and water.
  • A brush with long bristles.
  • Microfiber towels.
  • Car shampoo.
  • Brake dust removal solution.
  • Chamois towel.
  • Air compressor. Not a must have but it helps to prevent this from happening very often.
  • Brake dust repellant.

2. Pressure Wash Brake Dust Off Your Wheels


So, as the first step to remove brake dust from your aluminum, steel, or alloy wheels. You will need a pressure washer with a PSI (pounds per square inch) rating of 1200-1500. You might wonder. What about my regular hose? Well, the baked or brake dust on your wheels is a little bit more stubborn than what you may imagine. Tackling this job with a hose may not be impossible. But it will make the job more difficult by trying to remove the brake dust with a regular hose. Especially if the brake dust has been building up for some time.

Take Note Though!

Using a pressure washer with too high of a PSI can damage your wheels’ paint permanently. So, it’s very important to use a nozzle with a wide spray pattern. And to hold the nozzle at least about a foot away from your rims. However, the pressure washer should make this job much easier. By removing a lot. If not most of the brake dust. And it should facilitate the removal of any road grime as well on your car’s wheels.

image of car wheel with baked brake dust as a featured image for how to remove brake dust from alloy wheels blog

Additionally, by adding some car shampoo of personal preference. Or a brake dust removing solution to your pressure washer’s tank. Can make this step even more effective. Due to the fact that brake dust tends to hold. And accumulate grease. Therefore, making the job easier for you. Especially, for the next steps. This way you may know how to clean your alloy wheels brake dust. luxurious

3. Let’s Brush This Brake Dust Off Your Wheels

image of professional male hand with glove brushing brake dust from rims

So, now in order to remove the remaining stubborn baked brake dust. And any road grime accumulated on your wheels. Firstly, add your car shampoo to your bucket. Secondly, add water with the pressure washer to the same bucket. So, why does the order matter? You may ask yourself. Well, it does matter. Because by adding them in that order you will make the car shampoo mix well with the water. Also, it makes it nice and foamy. Which will make the mix more abrasive. Thus, making it better for brushing brake dust off your rims.

So, now you may utilize your brush to agitate the cleaning solution on all surfaces of the wheel. Also, use a thin bush to reach into difficult spots. Especially, the spots which you will not be able to reach with the brush that will remove brake dust from the general parts of your wheels. Pay special attention to areas with heavy accumulation, such as the sides of the wheel openings.

Image of car wheel washed with pressure washer for how to clean aluminum wheels with baked on brake dust

Once you have brushed off the brake dust on your wheels for the most part. Once again, use your pressure washer. And remove the foamy soap out of the way along with any brake dust on your alloy wheels still lingering around. Simply by doing this you are able to see any brake dust remaining on your wheels.

So now try to use a microfiber towel slightly dabbed in the bucket with the foamy car shampoo – water mix solution to remove brake dust from your wheels. You will most likely need to repeat these two steps over and over until you successfully know how to remove brake dust from alloy wheels.

4. Dry Your Wheels to Prevent Brake Dust

image of clean car wheel for how to clean brake dust from aluminum wheels also alloy and steel wheels

So, hopefully by now you have successfully removed the brake dust from your wheels. Well guess what? That’s right the job is still not over if you want it done right. This final step will help with preventing brake dust from accumulating so OFTEN on your wheels. Keep in mind though. This will never be PERMANENTLY prevented 100% since every time you press your brakes dust will occur. And will end up on your wheels. But there is a couple of methods to prevent it from occurring so often. So, read on.

You may choose one of these methods or all three. So, the first method will be drying your rims with chamois cloth. Chamois towels are amazing for drying. Since they absorb extremely well and do not scratch.

The second method will be drying your wheels by blowing air with an air compressor. So, drying your wheels with an air compressor is a whole game changer due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, the air will reach into places where your hand with any towel will never be able to. Secondly, no friction thus less effort. Thirdly, even though chamois towels and microfiber towels does not scratch the paint on your wheels. You just don’t always know if the towel has any debris like small rocks or some metal shavings that will end up scratching your wheels. Well, using the air compressor should avoid all of that.

Lastly, we recommend you use a brake dust repellant spray. Like we mentioned before. Once again, we remind you this will only help to prevent it from happening so fast and regularly. This is not a permanent solution to this problem. So, yeah unfortunately you will have to expect baked brake dust from building up on your wheels.

Good News Conclusion

image of drift car doing  burnout for a how to remove brake dust from alloy wheels blog

If you think the job is too hectic and it requires too much effort. And too many supplies which you don’t want to buy. Or you just don’t have the time. Or you just don’t want to do it yourself. Well, we get it! Life is very busy. And sometimes we just can’t get everything done ourselves. So, we always welcome you to come. And leave the mess to the pros at Car Wash Watford. If you live work or are anywhere in the areas of Watford. Rickmansworth. Bushey. Radlett. Elstree. or Borehamwood… We welcome you and all of your cars in case you are looking for fleet services.

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