Tired of bird poo droppings on your premium convertible soft roof top? Or may be it’s the build up of algae, tree sap… Or even insect entrails you can’t stand! No worries… We have the DIY answer, that doesn’t require too much money! So, welcome to another insightful article from your trusty car wash company! Yes! Today we’re tackling another dilemma faced by man. All over country. As well as internationally! And that dilemma is, how to clean a cabriolet roof!?! So fold-up your roof-tops… Let’s get straight into this!

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Why should you clean your Cabriolet Roof?

Although it may sound like a trivial question… As usually cabriolet roof tops are made of different materials. Of which is a fabric of sorts, like cotton. So therefore, obviously keeping your cabriolet roof top clean is at least a preservation of it’s appeasing aesthetics. But with mentioning that… Are there any more reasons why you should clean your cabriolet roof top regularly?

Well let’s see…

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  • Firstly, an extended lifespan for your soft top would be aided by regularly cleaning it. Likewise, not cleaning it can be from the reasons that lifespan would be cut short. Meaning, you incurring the cost of replacing your cabriolet roof sooner than you may have planned!
  • Secondly, as previously mentioned the accumulation of dirt. Grime. And dust causes your cabriolet roof’s aesthetics to deteriorate. Therefore turning your beautiful soft top roof into the opposite. Making it look worn-out. And dull. Whilst one of the main attractions on your vehicle is the soft top roof. Right?!
  • Thirdly, unwanted substances like tree sap. And bird poo can cause marks. Or stains that, over time, may become so hard to eliminate… They may cause damage to your soft top roof before they go away! So here prevention is definitely better than cure.
  • Finally, an unclean. Unkept roof top can become hardened. Or even brittle… To the point were it may be more susceptible to being torn. Or punctured by tree branches, for example. And/or falling items. All of which can cause you to fork out for an expensive replacement or repair job.

When should you clean your Cabriolet Roof?

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So now that we’ve covered the importance of cleaning your cabriolet roof. And that cleaning your car’s soft top is an essential part of maintaining its appearance. And longevity… Let’s look into when… And how often you should clean your soft top roof.

So, the frequency of cleaning it will depend on several factors. Including:

  • The type of roof material.
  • The climate you live in.
  • And your driving habits.

After every drive

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So, cleaning your soft top after every single drive might sound a little over the top… Get it soft top – over the top… Anyways… The intention here isn’t necessarily after every little 10 minute drive per se. Rather maybe more like every evening/day.

Additionally, this is more like a recommendation not an obligation. And practically it would be more like an inspection of your soft top every day. With the capacity to clean it… If needs be. Especially, during the summer.

But obviously to keep this level of maintenance up… You’d most likely need staff that can handle this for you. Like an extra job for security. Or at least something your concierge can manage on your behalf. But then again if you have that kind of disposable income… Then having your soft top as well as the rest of your vehicle professionally cleaned is probably a more time efficient option. And if you don’t have that kind of disposable income… Well keep reading! And may be your kids can start helping you out!

During Extreme Weather Conditions

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Well, quite simply if you live in an area exposed to extreme weather conditions… Like, heavy rain. Hail. Or Snow. Or even heavy winds… Then it’s important to clean your cabriolet roof more often. This helps prevent damage to the roof as we’ve previously mentioned.

When Noticeable marks or Stains Appear

So, If and… When you notice stains or discolouration on your cabriolet roof… It’s important to clean it as soon as possible. Stains can be caused by a variety of factors, including bird droppings. Tree sap. And bug splatters. And leaving these stains untreated can cause damage to the roof’s fabric or paint. So get it sorted. Asap!

So now after we’ve covered why… As well as when you should clean your cabriolet roof. Or have your cabriolet roof cleaned for you… Now, let’s navigate our way over how to clean your cabriolet roof.

Step by step!

Step 1: Preparing to Clean Your Cabriolet Roof

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So, naturally you’ll need to prepare some items. So that they are ready for you to use when needed… As you progress through the stages of cleaning your cabriolet soft top.

Supplies Needed:
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  • Soft-bristle brush or sponge.
  • Mild detergent or specialized cabriolet roof cleaner.
  • Water (projected, garden hose will do).
  • Soft microfiber cloth or towel (absorbent).
  • Soft sash brush.
  • Protective spray or sealant.

Additional, to your supplies… You’ll need to adhere to the following instructions… As part of your preparation:

  • Firstly, double check your cabriolet roof is fully closed and secure before starting.
  • Secondly, make sure you park your car in a shaded area. Or garage… To avoid direct sunlight during the cleaning process.

So now let’s learn how to clean your cabriolet roof!

Step 2: Remove Debris

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So, start off nice and easy brushing off any loose debris. Leaves. Mud. Dirt. And/or grime off your soft top convertible roof. Everything at this stage should be nice and light. Use your soft brush or sponge to gently remove any loose debris from the surface of the roof.


  • Do: pay close attention to the seams and corners where dirt may accumulate.


  • Don’t: over do it with the brush. If the stain/mark is too hard to remove. Just be patient we got more to come. So, it shouldn’t be getting away that easily!

Step 3: Wetting Your Roof

So, simply and thoroughly wet the entire surface of your cabriolet roof with water. Using a hose or bucket. No need for a pressure washer. Here, we’re trying to bring the dirt a little bit more closer to the surface. Another way of describing this step is to flood your cabriolet roof with water.


  • Do: make sure to wet both the fabric. And any plastic or vinyl components.


  • Don’t: use a pressure washer… Except if you’re experienced and know what your doing.

Step 4: Apply Your Cleaning Solution

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So now, simply dilute a mild detergent or specialized cabriolet roof cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then apply your cleaning solution to the entire surface of the roof using it’s spray mechanism (if available). If not a soft-bristle brush or sponge should do. And you can use your sash brush for the finer areas.

Here, you can be a little more aggressive than you was when flooding your cabriolet roof top with water. So, scrub your soft top. But, in a circular motion.


  • Do: when scrubbing, pay extra attention to any stained or soiled areas.
  • Do: use the sash brush for more sensitive areas. Whilst taking more care.


  • Don’t: be too aggressive. Try to agitate your soft top roof. Not scape it!


So, as an extra benefit. If you are experimenting with a new cleaning solution… You can scrub only half your cabriolet roof first. Then after you’ve finished cleaning only this half of your soft top roof… You can then compare it to the other non-cleaned side. Photographing this difference can assist you to compare your new cleaning solution to a previous one… Or any future ones!

Step 5: Rinsing Your Cabriolet Roof

So, using clean water, thoroughly rinse off the cleaning solution from your cabriolet roof top. Try to ensure that all traces of soap. Or detergent are completely removed. In fact, to ensure all traces of the detergent are completely removed you may have to gently scrub your damp soft top again. So do it. But gently! If you see your roof soaping up again… Even a little bit… Then you’ll have to rinse it with water again.


  • Do: scrub the entire roof (or half – if your doing the experiment) before rising it again. But again be gentle when scrubbing.
  • Do: try to rinse your soft top roof from the middle down to the sides. Allowing any detergent or soap to flow away from the roof.


  • Don’t: use a pressure washer… Except if you’re experienced and know what your doing.

Step 6: Drying Your Cabriolet Roof

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Next up is drying… So simply and gently pat the roof dry using a soft microfiber cloth or towel. Keep going until relatively dry.


  • Do: use an absorbent cloth or towel. Having more than one at hand can speed up this process up dramatically.


  • Don’t: pat your soft top convertible roof too aggressively to prevent damaging it. Some people can get heavy-handed at this stage.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Well, you’re almost done… So, simply inspect the roof for any remaining stains or spots. Also and if necessary, repeat the cleaning process on specific areas until desired results are achieved. Finally for added protection, consider applying a specialized cabriolet roof protective spray or sealant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Important Tips:
  • Firstly, always refer to your vehicle’s owner manual for any specific cleaning instructions. Or product recommendations.
  • Secondly, avoid using harsh chemicals. Abrasive brushes. Or high-pressure washers as they can damage the fabric. Or its waterproofing properties.
  • Lastly, try to regularly clean your cabriolet roof to prevent dirt building-up. And maintain its appearance.
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So there we have it! Seven simple steps on how to clean your cabriolet roof! See! it doesn’t have to be a mountain… If you break it down into simple manageable steps! So, off you go! You have all the ingredients to get the job done on your very own! But if you want an elite professional team to do it for you… Simply give us a call or book your cabriolet clean online now!

Thanks for reading!

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