So here’s our brief article on how to clean your car headliner? Just three easy steps!

Don’t you just love the lovely fabric interiors on your car’s inner roof… Or car ceiling? Of course you do! Therefore, it can be a real pain in the backside to see nasty stains all over them! Right?! But, there must be a way to clean your own car headliner without spending a fortune at a car auto detailer? Yes! There is. So simply keep reading for our expert response on how to clean your car headliner? Look sure you read to the end. As we have included some hacks and precautions you may not read anywhere else!

Step 1: Pre-treatment


Find all the most dirty and stubborn stain. Then use your car roof lining cleaner to pre-treat those areas. Yes! Simply apply some of that clean on to those filthier places on your car’s inner roof fabric interior. Typically, and unless the owner of the vehicle is a smoker… Or unless the vehicle is somewhat older or heavily used… There shouldn’t be particularly greasy areas on your car’s headliner. But of course, they most probably do exist!

So, initially you need to evaluate your car’s headliner. Find the greasier areas and pre-treat them with your headliner cleaner.

Hack #1: If you don’t have any cleaner specific to car headliners. You can simply use your all-purpose cleaner! Easy.

Step 2: Steam Clean Your Car Headliner


Although, this next step is optional, it is beneficial. If you have the tools and can be bothered that is… So, what is it…? Simply use your all-purpose electric steam cleaner (lowest heat setting should be enough)… Along with a microfiber cloth over the top… With your cleaner applied to simply massage your car headliner. Allowing the cleaner to seep into the fabric interior. That added heat should help dislodge any particularly stubborn spots. Whilst also allowing the cleaning solution to permeate your soft car ceiling. But, again this step is optional!

Precaution #1: Some vehicles. Especially older vehicles have their car headliner glued to the inner roof. Therefore, be sure to not be too aggressive with your steam cleaner application. So, for instance only use a low heat. Or the lowest heat setting. And do not stay in one area for too long!

Step 3: Microfiber Towel Scrub


Yeah. Unfortunately, if you were able to skip step 2 as your car headliner isn’t too soiled… You won’t really be able to skip this step… Unless you take the easy road in life and head on down to your local car upholstery cleaning service. So, in this step you’ll need a microfiber cloth. Apply your cleaning solution on it. Making sure it’s not dripping wet. But rather nice and damp. Then… You guessed it! Scrub, scrub. And scrub some more! Make sure to alter your scrubbing technique in order to get in the nooks and crannies. Especially around the corners of your car headliner.

Scrub once or twice. Or possibly three times, depending on the amount of filth on your car headliner.

Hack #2: Fold your microfiber cloth in squares until it just fits over your hand when fisted. Then grip your folded microfiber cloth by the edge. Any edge. Placing that edge inside your fingers whilst your hand is fisted. If done correctly, a large part of the microfiber cloth should now be sitting over your knuckles! Yes! You probably guessed it again… KNUCKLE SCRUB, SCRUB AWAY!

Hack #3: Spray your cleaning agent on both your microfiber cloth. And also, on your car headliner for a deeper clean. If necessary.

Precaution #2: Try to avoid using a brush. Especially brushes that have strong bristles.



So, there we have it three relatively easy steps on how to clean your car headliner. Or fabric interior ceiling. Whatever you prefer to call it. The main variables are how dirty your car headliner is. And likewise, how old or used your car is. For that reason, have included our aforementioned precautions. But if your want to be extra careful. Or after reading this you don’t fancy DIY after all. Then you are more than welcome to book your car headliner clean with us. Your trusted elite team of car cleaning experts. Delivering a professional service to all our respected clients in Watford. Rickmansworth. Bushey. Borehamwood. Elstree. Radlett. Croxely Green. Northwood. Pinner. Stanmore and more! Simply book online or come on down!

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